I knew I wanted to teach struggling readers because where I teach many of the students lack the beginning reading skills. After 15 years of teaching I decided to go get my masters degree in reading. Now I’m a certified reading specialist.  Over the years of teaching I’ve had numors of students come up to me and tell me they can’t read. I like to prove to them with the right mindset you can always learn how to read.

When I was younger I used to have a difficult time reading. I remember having to go down to the reading resource room and get help. I moved to a new school and I was in a new environment which threw me off. I know how it feels to not be able to read and see everyone in your class ahead of you. The reason I have such big passion for struggling readers is because I was once in their shoes. I want to be able to help my students become better readers and help teachers do the same. 

Come Join me on my journey to help you and your students.

I’m Susan. I have a daughter in high school and an older sister. We like to go vacation with our family. I spend a lot of time with my daughter doing fun things. I’ve been teaching second grade for around 8 years and I’ve also taught 1st and Kindergarten. I’m from Indiana and now I live in the suburbs of Chicago.