5 Halloween Activities for School

It is getting close to our first big holiday for the school year!  Do you need some Halloween activities for school? Every year I love decorating my room and putting out my Halloween books.  I am always looking for new activities to use during this holiday. 

pumpkin patch in the classroom
Halloween in the classroom

Halloween Book Activity

The first activity I will be doing this Halloween is reading a great book. I discovered it last year. It is called Halloween Hustle by Charlotte Gunnufson. It is perfect to review those rhyming words and I  made flashcards to go with the story. They can be used in a center or during your reading. I also have other activities to use with the book.  There is a beginning, middle, and end flap book. 

halloween activities for school

Halloween Math Activity


I like to teach odd and even numbers using marshmallows. The students form groups of two. If one is left over, they know they have an odd number. I have put little dots of food coloring on them to make it look like they have eyes. This is a fun, easy, and cheap idea to engage your students. It could be used for a Halloween activity for a classroom party.  


Halloween activities for classroom party

Halloween Centers

It a great time to pull out those themed centers to practice reading and math skills. The centers make Halloween activities at school for learning fun. Some of the centers I use are ghostly odd and even numbers, spooky synonyms, beware of the missing number and scary abc order. 


Halloween centers
odd and even halloween numbers

Spooky Subject and Predicate

Teaching subject  and predicates and be very boring. A fun way to teach it is using my center scary predicates and subjects. Students can pick a Halloween subject and match it with a predicate. They are all based around Halloween. They can make silly sentences and draw pictures to go with them.  


subject and predicate

Scary Nouns

Another great Halloween activity for school is scary nouns.  I used this for an observation one year. I had a plastic bucket filled with all kinds of nouns. My daughter had all kinds of toys at the time. I would have a student pick something and we would tell if it was a person, place, or thing. Then they completed this paper. This is available in my TPT store for free!

Halloween nouns

Grade School Suzy

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