Looking for some back to school activities? It is about that time of year where everyone is wondering what I am I going to do with my students on the first couple of days. At my school the students trickle in the first few days. Sometimes I have a whole class and other I have had a half a class. The first weeks are about setting rules and procedures.  During this time students need some fun back to school activities to get to know you and each other. 

In my resource you can find great back to school activities.  There are cards that your students can use for a back to school writing activity.  Additionally, they can use them to spell different things associated with school.  Take a look at what you get! Click on the picture to see it  on TPT.

Back to School Activities


I always have play dough for the beginning of the year. Then it allows me to gather supplies, talk to parents, or do any paper work. The students seem to love play dough at any age. My girls had a fun time making roses last year. 

Back to School Games


This bingo game is in my back to school games. Also it can be personalized for your class. You can use your name and your students name in the game. My students loved playing the game and asked to play it over and over. 

Back to School Activity Freebie

I have a great little packet for your students to complete for some back to school activities. It contains a cute writing page for your students and coloring pages for first and second grade. I used this on my board outside for open house. Also, my next door neighbor in first grade used it on her hall. The best part is it is free! Click on the picture to go to the packet!.

Here are some other great ideas to help you start your year. Click here!