Do you have a calming center? A calming center in the classroom is a great way for students to self manage their behavior. They can be placed anywhere in the classroom. A corner is a great place to have a calming center. This picture is my second grade classroom. I have a fold up chair that I bought for 9. Also the red basket is filled with things for the students to help them chill out. It has a bag of brain flakes, calming bottles, and a sand timer. The timer lets students know when it is time for them to rejoin the class.  

Materials in the center!

The first picture has a sand timer and the calming bottles. I used glitter glue and water to make them. Then I hot glued the tops onto the bottle. If you would like to see the direction, click here. The second picture is a bubble timer. I sometimes change the timers for something different. 

More Places to Chill Out!


The first picture shows a calming center in a kindergarten room. There are books for the students to read during their time in the center. The second picture show a calming center in first grade. There is a picture of a beach to help provide a peaceful place. Also there are little games to play for the students. In each centers, students know how long they are allowed to stay. 

Here is another calming center that is in a first grade class. A great idea from this center is using an etch a sketch for an activity to do while relaxing. The chair is on Amazon and is very popular among the students. For a great site for some ideas on how to run your calming corner click on the picture. I hope that you got some ideas for your calming corner. 

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