Free Materials for Teachers simple and easy


Read to find out how you can get free materials for teachers. As teachers, we are always spending our own money on our students. I have a way for you to save your money and get materials that you need.  I have used Donors Choose to get hundred of dollars of materials. It’s an easy […]

Help your students recognize their Fry word lists!

Fry word Lists Do you want a great way to practice the Fry word lists? I have an easy and fun way to practice the Fry sight words. First, I use a power point that has all the sight words. I have two power points. The first is the Fry first 100 sight words and […]

Do you need a calming center in your classroom?

Do you have a calming center? A calming center in the classroom is a great way for students to self manage their behavior. They can be placed anywhere in the classroom. A corner is a great place to have a calming center. This picture is my second grade classroom. I have a fold up chair […]

Back to School Activities


Looking for some back to school activities? It is about that time of year where everyone is wondering what I am I going to do with my students on the first couple of days. At my school the students trickle in the first few days. Sometimes I have a whole class and other I have […]

Lots of Math Practice

Math Practice Do you do small math groups? Small math groups are part of my daily schedule.  The challenge is what are the rest of the students doing while I teach. They can be doing math practice at various centers.  I have create addition and subtraction practice math task cards for my students. I use […]