Teaching has changed and now more than ever we need digital resources for phonics. Student will more than likely be doing remote learning during our next school year. What can be done to help students practice their phonics skills?


Digital Resources Using Diphthongs



In second grade, we focus  a lot of attention to vowel diphthongs. Creating a resource that will help students practice these vowel sounds will benefit their reading skills. They can practice at home or at school. They will get lots of practice on this skill and you can use these words for a spelling list.


Each resource contains four activities for your  student to complete. The activities will help students become familiar with the  vowel diphthongs. The first learning activity has student circling the correct vowel diphthong. They’re two to three pictures with this vowel sound. Students can say each picture and decided if it is the correct diphthong. 


Activity number two has students using the digital resource to match words with pictures. Students have to use their phonic skills to blend the sounds together to get their answer. Each slide has the words on the side of the page for students to move to the correct picture. 


Another activity in the digital resource is practicing spelling. Students move the yellow squares with the letters to spell the picture. This activity will help the students sound out the words using the diphthongs. They will get practice for a spelling test. 




The last activity has students combining their knowledge of the diphthongs and decoding skills. Students read the sentences and drag the correct picture to the box.  After they complete the activity, they can read the sentences to an adult. 



The Google slides presentation can be used for distance learning.  Students may once again be out for some of the school year. This will help the struggling students because it has pictures to match  The activities in the slides will help keep your students on track with their learning. 

Free Digital Resource using Nouns and Verbs


Looking for a sorting activity for nouns and verbs.  Here is a digital resource that can be used when your teaching grammar. It is free!