Read to find out how you can get free materials for teachers. As teachers, we are always spending our own money on our students. I have a way for you to save your money and get materials that you need.  I have used Donors Choose to get hundred of dollars of materials. It’s an easy process that can benefit you and your class.  

Donors Choose and How to Start

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Donors Choose Account. Is is very simple. Click on the words Donors Choose to go to their web site. Then click on the tab that says how to get funded. Then just follow the directions.  If this is your first project, Donors Choose will match donations. Also if it is your first project you can click the word link to take you to Donors Choose. Then I will get credit for you doing your project. In addition, I can help you with a small donation. 

Free Materials I Received

Donors Choose has provided me with many materials for my classroom. It is a great site for free materials for teachers. I have had STEM materials funded through them. I use these materials for students who get their morning work done. During this time, I am able to see a reading group.  This is a great way to incorporate some STEM materials for elementary schools. 

I also got materials for my calming center from Donors Choose. I received this black chair and carpet. In addition, I got a basket, some timers, and books to go with the chair and carpet. We also use this chair during reading time.  It is very popular. All the materials on the shelf also came from Donors Choose.

I have also used Donors Choose to get technology for my classroom. They currently have a match offer for technology in the classroom. I was able to use this to get four tablets and a document camera for my room. I also got a surface pro tablet for my class. The students have been able to use these for learning centers. 

I have received more  materials in addition to the ones that were mentioned. I also was given many different stem materials, a math set, a robot, and math pens. All of these materials have been helpful to my students. It is a great program and easy and simple to use it. 


To get the materials on your own I have placed links on the pictures.  It is an affiliate link. You get charged the same price and it helps pay off my student loans. 

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