Fry word Lists


Do you want a great way to practice the Fry word lists? I have an easy and fun way to practice the Fry sight words. First, I use a power point that has all the sight words. I have two power points. The first is the Fry first 100 sight words and  I use this at the beginning of the year to review first grade sight words. Then I use Fry second 100 for the rest of the year.  We do five a week because that is how the power point is set up. In addition, I put the words on the word wall. I started using the power point because my students sit in desk with attached chairs. It was hard to get the whole class to turn around comfortably. I had to find another way. I like the power point because it is quick and easy.

Sometime we play games like only the girls say the words or only the boys. We also play beat the teacher. I will slow it down and they have to say the word when it pops up. If they say it early, I get a point, If they do it all together, they get a point. They love it! It really helps my struggling student

Sight Words for Second Grade Practice


What happens after we practice the Fry word lists on the power point? Next, students get Fry sight word worksheets to complete. They have only 5 sight words for the week. I call out a word and tell them what color to use to color it in. I also let them pick the color or word. Then they cut them out and find a partner to practice their sight words. After, they put the words in a baggie with their name on it. Then they can continue to practice the words. This year I am collecting them and putting the words in a basket. Last year I let them keep them under the desk. Let’s just say you know what happens to the words!

Fry's Second 100 Words

Fry's Second 100 Words F

The Fry sight word power points have helped make this a fast and easy way to review the words. The students enjoy coloring and cutting out the words. If you would like to try some of the words out. Click on the last picture to take you to a free sample.  Click  the word link  to  go to a pdf of the lists of the Fry words.

Fry Sight Words Practice

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