Do you Have Enough Fun Ideas for Christmas?

This center is a fun idea for Christmas in your classroom. Students can practice recognizing nouns, verbs, and adjectives. They can sort them into the correct category and become experts in grammar.    

Students will have a yummy time learning grammar. After they finish the center, you can let them pick out a Christmas cookie to eat. There is a recording sheet to keep track of students answers and a worksheet to complete. 

More Christmas Fun Ideas

During the month of December, we do a lot of reviewing. We review because we take the NWEA during this month. Also this month goes very fast and the students are not always ready to learn new things. They are too busy thinking about Christmas. 

This is a great math review for second grade. It can also be used for other grades. Differentiated learning can be made easy with this packet. Each math skill has more than one sheet. It gives you lots of opportunity to choose which sheet you want your students to complete. It is also great to push your higher students. 

Christmas Books to Read Aloud


This is a great Christmas book to read aloud! It is by Jerry Pallota and David Biedrzyski. The pictures are bright and great for some fun discussions.  I have a Christmas writing activity that is free and can follow this book. 

Here are some additional Christmas books to read aloud. Two of the books came from the thrift store and are books that I haven’t seen.

Here is  a great blog that gives lots of suggestions for books.