Do you get tired of using the Google Banners that Google gives you? I am going to tell you how to make a Google Banner with my favorite site? Do you want to change them for the seasons? Do you like creating? Read on and you will find a simple way to change your banner in Google Classroom.

The Best Web Site

Have you used Canva? It is a great web site to make all kinds of things.  Some of the things you can make in Canva are calendars, lesson plans, Instragram posts, and Facebook post. You can also make a Google Banner. It is free or you can pay for the pro version. I have the pro version and love it.  

Do you like to make your banners different for the holidays and special occasions? I use different banners to create Google Forms for my morning check in.  You could also use the banner to change your classroom banner.

Making a Google Banner and Form

As I stated earlier, I use my Google forms for a morning check in.  What is great about this is students are busy with the form and you can do your attendance or whatever else you need. A little more about my morning check in. I ask the students what day it is and how they are feeling. I use emojis for them to pick how they are feeling. I get them to match the holiday. I use Creative Clips clip art. The kids love them. In addition, I put review problem on the sheet.  It is a good morning routine to have in place.

Google Classroom has already made banners you can use for your classroom. I don’t know about you but, I like to create my own.  That is where Canva comes in. They make it real easy for you.  You just search Google Classroom Banners. Then a whole bunch will pop up, Choose one and  download it. I like to make my own. I choose the blank one and  choose a color.  Then I put text into the banner. Then I use the elements they have available.  I pick things that go with the holiday. I have provided a video for you to watch on how to do this. I hope it will be helpful. 

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