Do you want some engaging ways to teach silent letters in words? I have plenty of practice activities for silent letters words.  Just read to find out!

 What is a silent letter? These are letters in words that don’t make any sound. They get thrown in a word and confuse readers. Did you know that according to Reader’s Digest website that around 60 % of  English words have silent letters.  No wonder readers get confused. Have you ever had a student sound out a word with a silent letter placed in it? I have! Next, I always start by asking does that word make sense? Then we get to the part about some letters are silent. (tricksters)

Silent Letters Loud and Clear

These trickers like to make reading difficult. But I have the perfect solution on how to teach these silent letters. Start  by reading the book Silent Letters Loud and Clear. Then as a class make words with silent letters list. We circle and sort them. I always say look at those trickers!!! We aren’t going to be tricked. 

Silent Letter Activities

Once you have read the story and introduced the skill, your students are ready for some silent letter activities. A suggestion I have is going back to your list and looking for silent letters at the beginning of the words and ending of words. Next you can have your students look for the letters in their independent reading books. They can write the words on a sheet and then share them with the class. You can get a free sheet to use by clicking here.  

Additional Activities with Silent Letters

Another activity that I use is simple and easy.  Take index cards and write some of  the word from the list that was made. Next  put words that do not have silent letters on the cards. Then post them around the room to find. Then  give the students a sheet and have them write the words under the correct heading.  It is  a simple way to practice identifying those trickers. There are other activities included in this resource such as a song and a story for students to read. Students can find the silent letters in the story and read it with a partner. 

Art Activity Using Silent Letters

One of my students favorite activities is making this fun craft with silent letters.  Students cut out the silent letters and color and decorate them. They can use sequence, glitter, or anything you have laying around.  Then they cut out strips of paper and with the words with silent letters  and glue them under the correct one.  The students had an awesome time doing this. This could be used as your culminating activity.

If you are in need of more silent letters words this is a great site to find them.  Also check out my blog post about making reading fun! 

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