Math Practice

Do you do small math groups? Small math groups are part of my daily schedule.  The challenge is what are the rest of the students doing while I teach. They can be doing math practice at various centers.  I have create addition and subtraction practice math task cards for my students. I use addition and subtraction cards at the beginning of the year. My students sometime make these into addition and subtraction games. Next they split the cards and see who can get done first.  The great thing about these cards is you can laminate them and write the answer right on the card. 

Tens and Ones Practice

 In the beginning of the year, I also have my students working on tens and ones for math pracitice.  I developed these cards to practice tens and ones place value when I saw one of my students struggling on the NWEA test. He had to count the tens and ones and was  struggling with it. Now everyone is an expert at counting tens and ones.  

Using the cards during morning work

Multiplication and Division

As the year goes on, I pull out the multiplication and division cards for some more math practice. The students love doing multiplication and division at the end of the year. I use these math activities for 2nd grade but, they could also be used for 3rd grade.  My 2nd graders think they are really smart because I tell them they are learning 3rd grade skills. It also helps many of them score higher on the NWEA.  

All of these math practice task cards can be purchases by clicking any picture. The cards have become a popular activity in my class. Also, I have seen a lot of improvement in my students math scores.  The cards are in the little photo boxes from Michaels. They are great for storage and don’t take up a lot of room. 


My students also get additional math practice on the Prodigy web site. It is free and I know it was another way to  help my students improve their math skills. Click on the word Prodigy to go to their site.  Also check out my post about back to school activities.