Do your students forget the meaning of prefixes and suffixes?  I know my students tend to forget their meanings. So, I have come up with a fun way to help them remember them. Read on to find out how I teach them using movement. Remember when we learned about the different way students learn? I know you have heard this over and over.  Many of my students remember things better if they are involved in movement. When I teach prefixes and suffixes I use different motions to help them remember what each one means. 

How to Teach Them

 In  second grade we do not do all of them. I have a list of prefixes and suffixes that I use to teach certain ones for second grade.  I start with teaching what is a prefix and suffix. We talk about how you add them to root word to make a new word with a different meaning.  Let’s move on to the fun stuff!

I start with the prefixes. Our first prefix that we do is “re”. We talk all about where goes and what a root word is. Then we discuss the meaning of the prefix. Next I show the kids the movement for re. Then we practice the movements and making words.  I teach the rest of them the same way. See the video to see how I make teaching prefixes and suffixes fun!

Suffix and Prefix Movements

After your students have mastered the movements, I have the perfect practice sheets.  I made these because I had a hard time finding fun worksheets for prefixes and suffixes.  I also wanted to include some fun art projects to use to work on this vocabulary skill. Students get to make a sun and color various words to show the root wood and prefix and suffix. 

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